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Côtes du Rhône
Rosé « Miss Rose »

vin récompensé

Coming from “Le Grès”, our “Miss rose” Rosé Côtes du Rhône has its origins in particularly well-drained stony soil with a clay and sand mix, giving the wine finesse and elegance. Hand-picked then sorted on the plots, Grenache Noir are the only grape that goes into our rosé.
Presented in a seductive bottle with a contemporary line and clothed in a stylish label that highlights finesse and lightness, “Miss Rose”, dons a lovely pale pink robe, happy to set herself apart from traditional rosé Côtes du Rhône. A tasty, lip-smacking treat with its bouquet of fruit and flowers, “Miss Rose” isn’t just a summer wine! Grenache’s exceptional capacity to age means that “Miss Rose” can join you at table throughout the year!